Senior Python Developer Wanted

NYC startup with the development team located in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine is looking for a backend developer to work on a server written with Python and Django REST Framework. PROJECT DESCRIPTION We are developing and provide as services branded mobile applications in wine marketing. The project is consists of a backend, written in Python and multiple mobile apps written with React Native and built upon the single framework.
Our landing page: We contribute a lot so you can see what we do in our GitHub profile

  • Django/DRF
  • Amazon AWS
  • Docker containers
  • Python3
  • Microservices architecture
  • Tracing using Zipkin
  • Logging using ELK
  • Continuous integration
  • Testing using PyTest

  • 5+ years of server-side development
  • 1+ years of Python
  • Experience in building project architecture
  • Experience in writing tests
  • Understanding of programming patterns
  • Django/DRF experience is nice to have, but it's not required

  • Work with backend team to implement features and change requests
  • Write or modify tests during task implementation (unit and integration tests)
  • Do the best to improve project architecture and codebase

  • Flexible schedule (but there is a specific time window when it’s required to be available online) and ~40 working hours per week
  • Full-time remote job
  • Bi-weekly calls with team
  • Payments through Upwork according to mutually agreed hourly rate
  • Starting rate: $25+/h

  • All changes are performed in form of merge requests in GIT
  • Merge requests are checked in mandatory code reviews
  • We use continuous integration to run tests during the development cycle

Alexey Zankevich (CTO)
Please also include CV. It’s not required to have it up to date, just put “Update required” if necessary.


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